About Mr Undertaker

Too often funerals are left to the living….

Losing someone near to you is very hard and the process of arranging what happens next can be an awful experience.

We believe if YOU decide what happens to YOU not only does it save unnecessary heartache but it could also enable you to lessen the financial burden for your family. No matter whether you want a full blown funeral or something simple and poignant having a plan in place is so easy to do and will mean so much much when it is needed.

We’ve all experienced the death of someone close to us and we wanted to change the way funerals are planned.

How can we help?

We strongly support the mission of Dying Matters in helping people talk more openly about dying, death and bereavement, and to make plans for the end of life and we’ve built this site as we’re convinced that having a way of planning your funeral online is a really easy way of making sure your wishes are respected and you can start having those conversations with your loved ones.

This is our first version and we’ve kept it simple but we’ve got loads of ideas and would LOVE your feedback and your help in creating new versions of Mr Undertaker in the coming months. So please don’t be shy!

The Mr Undertaker team consists of: Jeremy an undertaker who’s family have been funeral directors for over 300 years. It’s a cliché, but guiding people through planning a funeral runs in his blood; James, who has been working with online products and services for as long as he can remember and is responsible for how Mr Undertaker works on a day to day basis; and Patrick, serial entrepreneur, brand and advertising genius and (all too frequent) sailor!

Why plan a funeral?

Decide what happens to your body.
Save your family from the heartache of organising your funeral.
Plan to pay for your own funeral and remove any financial burden.
Make sure the right people come to your service, reception or memorial.
Make sure the right things are said and done at any event, whatever that may be, that is held to remember you.
Decide how you are remembered after everything is said and done.
Choose the charity that gets any donations made in your name.