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Why should you pre-plan your funeral?


Talking about it reduces stress

Research conducted by the Dying Matters Coalition has shown that sharing your life, thoughts and choices with your family and friends can help reduce the level of stress and upset that occurs when someone dies. Allow them to celebrate your life without the burden of making difficult choices.


Inspire those left behind

Arranging a funeral is about more than picking a coffin or choosing between burial and cremation. Funerals are about remembering, gathering and providing a community for those that are left to make sense of their lives by the death of someone important to them.


Celebrate YOUR memories​

There is confidence that can be drawn from knowing which memories to draw on when writing a eulogy. Which photos and videos could be included in a video tribute which could be shown at the funeral. Knowing that playing a particular piece of music during the ceremony would bring a smile to the faces of those that share the same memory.

A proper plan can save money

Life is too short to spend constantly thinking about your death and your funeral and worrying about the cost. Share your plan with a local undertaker and make sure your family doesn’t end up paying for a funeral cost you don’t want. 

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